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As a member of Volt Europa, you can not only take an active part in the organization's expansion in Hungary, but you can influence the functioning of the entire European organization with your vote, and express your opinion on political priorities. And if you don't just want to shape Europe and Hungary as a party member, you can also hold various – mostly volunteer – positions at the local, national or European level. After joining, you can also get your own e-mail address, with which you can participate in the social life of the Party by using our internal social media site.

Why join us?

This is not a green field investment

Establishing a functioning political party is a long and difficult process: a lot of work has to be put into figuring out the party's image, creating the infrastructure necessary for everyday operation and developing the political program. And all this hard work will easily come to naught if, in the end, the organisation cannot show success in even one election.

Volt is growing dynamically throughout Europe, and since it is already actively shaping the local and national political life in many countries, you can be sure that the organization will not cease to exist in the foreseeable future, so the energy you invest as an activist in the into the growth of the Hungarian party will not be lost.

It's not just about Hungary

The fact, that a Hungarian Volt exists and operates and makes itself noticed with various political actions, in itself will support activists from other countries, as it helps to emphasize the organization's pan-European profile. In addition to this indirect support, the organizations of neighbouring countries also help each other in various ways.

By joining Volt, you can not only be involved in Hungarian politics, but you can also get a taste of European politics. You will be able to work together with many activists from different cultural and language backgrounds on different projects, and thus you will learn a lot about how they think about different public issues and how political questions are approached elsewhere.

Although the activists in Hungary are only at the beginning of the journey of becoming an officially registered political party, they are actively involved in building the party at the European level, including, for example, organising internal training programs, shaping the social media presence of the European organization or the activities of the LGBTQ+ group.

Take the first step

Would you like to become a member?

If you send us an email to [email protected], we will get in touch with you, introduce the party and eventually answer any questions you would have.

You can also immediately start the application by visiting