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A pragmatic, progressive, pan-European party that works day in, day out to make Europe and Hungary an even better place for all of us.

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Who are we?

Volt Europa is a political movement that works across Europe along the same political principles, but with different local emphases, to solve regional, national and European problems—with 20,000+ party members and 120+ municipal and parliamentary representatives.

What are we working for?

The Hungarian activists of Volt are building a political party that brings more Europe to Hungary and more Hungary to Europe. We believe that today's challenges do not stop at borders, so our future, prosperity and security can only be guaranteed by a united, strong and diverse EU, where the citizens of the member states not only live next door, but actively shape their common future together. We also want a well-functioning democracy in our country, where parties representing the interests of various groups in our society talk about our future, prepare for efficient governance, and win their mandate to serve the public in a fair competition.

What do we ask from you?

Join our movement: express your opinion, and take part in our events! And if you have a few hours a week to spare, take on a volunteer task either in the Hungarian or in the pan-European organization!